Time for a roundup of articles and posts from the past week that I found interesting. Happy reading!

Some people like fall because it’s football season. In addition to cooler temps and the beautiful fall foliage, I like autumn because it’s book award season. Here is a guide to this fall’s big books awards.

If you follow Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram, you already know she’s a big reader. Now the actor/producer/perfumist/shoe and clothing designer is entering the publishing world, with the intent on finding, editing and publishing three or four novels a year. Read about it here.

The vast majority of children’s books feature white protagonists. Fortunately, things seem to be improving, and children of color have options to read books about kids who look like them and that represent America’s multi-culturalism. From the NYT editor of children’s books, here is a list of books that tackle race and ethnicity, featuring children of different races and ethnicities.

If you have books in need of donation, here is why you should consider donating to prisons and where/how you can do it.

If you’re in the Washington, DC area, check out the play The Gulf, about two women who have been lovers for about six years and are now afloat in a boat in the waters of the Alabama delta because one of them likes to fish and the other likes being with her partner. Very quickly the tensions in the relationship are exposed. To learn more about the play and the writer behind it, check out this Q&A with female playwright Audrey Cefaly.

And the wildcard post of the week: here’s your handy guide to organizing a ladies’ drawing night.





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