There was a lot of interesting content this week, so my Roundup is a little long. Get cozy with something good to drink and enjoy!

Lots of new books are out this fall, and I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

Do you belong to a book club in the DC/Baltimore area? If so, here’s a list of local women writers who are willing to visit book clubs.

Speaking of book clubs, here’s a way to do it with beer.

Learning a new language? Here is what you should read when studying a new language.

Think you want to be a writer? Here is a list tips on how to be a writer.

Some of my favorite books are among those nominated for the Man Booker Prize. This week, the Man Booker Prize Shortlist was announced and I can’t wait to dig in to some of these books.

An often-debated topic among literary circles is whether white authors should write from the perspective of people of color. (My answer: hell no.) Lionel Shriver gave an insensitive speech at a recent writer’s conference in which she defended the right of white people to tell the stories of people of color, and Yassmin Abdel-Magied explained why she walked out.

Mind-blowing poetry from a young, Native, gay poet living in NYC.

Why it’s important to have women in your life who succeed.

In celebration of banned books, the Washington, DC Public Library will hide previously banned books throughout the city during the month of September. Finders keepers!

The New York Public Library made an awesome list for Bookriot’s Read Harder Challenge. I’m inspired to do the challenge in 2017, and will be using this list for inspiration.

And for the wildcard article: As we head into my favorite season of the year, I present you with some tips on how to take non-basic pictures of leaves.


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