I just received some great news – one  of the short stories I recently submitted for publication has been accepted!  It will be in print in late 2013.  This is my first publication and I’ve hardly thought of anything else since receiving notification.

For the past two years, most of my spare time has been devoted to learning how to write a novel and trying to craft the novel currently inside my head. I’ve still got such a long way to go before this book is ready to be sent to an agent.  It feels so good to have completed a piece of writing – in this case, a nice little story about mixed-blood American Indian female teenagers in the 1960s — and to receive the validation that somebody besides my husband and mother find it interesting and well-written and worthy of reading.

Right now, I’m in Bar Harbor, Maine for the Johns Hopkins Conference on Craft.  I’m here with my family, and we celebrated the good news with a cake from a local bakery.  The cake tastes as good as it looks!



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