“Bring your pad; bring a pen; the rest is easy.” – Eric Maisel

I recently reread A Writer’s Paris – A Guided Journey for the Creative Soul by Eric Maisel, a San Francisco-based creativity coach and author of more than 25 books.  It’s such a gem of a book, with soft illustrations and descriptions of the best places in Paris to read, write, explore and practice  flanerie, the French practice of strolling as art form.

It’s main purpose is perhaps to encourage the writer feeling stuck and to infuse the magic of Paris into one’s daily writing life.  For the adventurous (or supremely lucky) Maisel sets out a plan for taking a six-month writing trip to Paris, with practical advice, such as how to find affordable accommodations, as well as directions to inspirational writing spots that are well off the beaten path.  It’s a book for writers and dreamers, as well as people who just love Paris.


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